Karl Blau

Years Active - 1992 - present

80s and 90s

Born in 1975 Blau grew up on Samish Island.  His parents met in Burlington-Edison high school band program.  Karl Blau as a youth studied classical guitar and piano, jazz and rock in middle school.  More jazz on bass, choir, rock guitar independently, and metal as drummer for Yellow #5 in high school as Blau began experimenting with recording sound using crude mult-track techniques involving two tape decks.  Blau attended punk and hard core shows regularly at Hill Crest Lodge witnessing acts such as Can’t Understand Normal Thinking, Cranial Decomposition, Swerving Birds, Stagnant Water.  Also in high school he began playing bass guitar with proggy jam band Captain Fathom, driving from Samish out to Biz Point, Fidalgo Island weekly for rehearsals.

After high school Blau dropped classical guitar training for love of the recording arts as he continued study at Fairhaven Studio at Fairhaven College, WWU, Bellingham.  In 1994, Blau dropped out of school entirely to independently pursue his obsession of recording music and sounds and playing music now with D+, The Microphones, and formed a band called Blue Nomad to play his songs that at its peak had two bass drummers, trombones, flutes, trumpets, two drum sets, bass, 2 guitars.

At this point Blau was influenced by shows happening at The Business put together by Bret Lunsford of D+.  Recording music was always the pass time for Blau.  In the mid 90s, Blau was making mix tapes of his recordings and selling them at the local record stores – Blue Nomad, Doing Things The Way They Happen, An Unconscious Pattern.   Blau played bass with Phil Elvrum on drums, Bret Lunsford who owned and operated The Business at 1717 Commercial Ave. was the songwriter and driving force for the band.   1997 D+ took Blau out on the road for the first touring of his career opening shows for Dub Narcotic on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. and points in between.



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